that's it, then.

After letting it sit last night, this morning and through the day today, I decided to call it quits at the new job. No sense in dragging it out, really: I wasn't happy, and hadn't really accomplished anything (which sounds worse than it is, given the choppy schedule I described earlier), so there's no knowledge to transfer. I think it's a generally amicable parting. For my part, I have a lot of cash on hand, so I've got time to think and plot and plan and move more carefully this time.

I was thinking of applying to this company in San Francisco, just for the office--lucky for me they need people to write software--but even though they're right next door to the train station, it was a full hour from there to home tonight. And an extra 20 minutes to the job I just quit, which makes me wonder why I thought it would work out. I think there are jobs and kinds of work where that tradeoff might be worth it for me, but this wasn't that job. And the disruption to my life, my routines of cooking for myself and going to aikido (which are both very important to me), were greater than expected. In aikido especially, I'm at a point where I want to keep training and pushing and learning. So, back to working locally.

And for this weekend, I'm dragging a horde of my friends up to Frogwood, where we will eat food, listen to music, and sit around reading books in front of a fire.