another short week.

I'm looking at a calendar to tally up how much I've really been at work since I started.

  1. I started on November 28th, a Wednesday, giving me a short week.
  2. I left for Mexico on Thursday, December 6th, for another short week. I returned on Saturday the 15th.
  3. Christmas and New Year's: 2 short weeks.
  4. MLK Day and a day off for my birthday weekend party: another short week.
So the 23rd will be Week #8 at the new job. Of those, 5 have been 3-day weeks and 1 week was entirely vacation. This is part of why I want to give it another little while, even if I'm fairly certain of the outcome.

I am standing in awe of this picture of me my friend Tinny took at the cocktail party. It may be the best photograph of me ever taken--my favorite, certainly.

On Saturday the sangha got back together for our first meeting after the break. I've been sitting with them for almost a year now, and I missed their company, even though I still don't know why I had to go find a sangha. It was a homecoming sort of feeling, to sit quietly in a room with the familiar energies, and to have a discussion with familiar, vibrant personalities. Plus they laugh at my jokes.

It seems more and more clear that at some point I want to do a practice period down at Tassajara. I'm not sure when I'd do that: pick a time to put my stuff in storage and be between jobs for three months. It's something else to consider as I think about what happens after this latest round of working...I could do Tassajara and then go to grad school (assuming they both wanted me). Because that wouldn't be jarring at all.