pienso en la vida pasada y ahora.

A cold finally caught up with me on Friday, which is part of why I haven't written. Nothing to say, really, as except for getting out the greater part of Saturday afternoon to see some friends, I've been in my house. I've been getting a little stir-crazy, so I was glad to be feeling well enough today to get back to the office and to go to the basic aikido class. (I trained last Wednesday when I was just starting to feel out of it, and was barely able to take care of myself with a couple of the more aggressive people in the dojo; I don't feel a need to push myself if it means I'm going to get hit in the face.)

I still have some semi-important things I haven't done yet, all involving money: finishing my taxes (why the hell does the IRS care when some mutual fund was purchased? I certainly don't), registering for the summer aikido seminar, buying plane tickets (I hate buying plane tickets) for my high school reunion. I'm looking forward to my high school reunion. Unlike college, I liked a lot of the people I went to high school with, and most of those I saw at our fifth reunion had just gotten cooler and more interesting with age.

The time away from aikido, while frustrating, usually does me some good. I relax, stop using so much muscle, if I'm smart I try to get back to basics. Today I trained with a woman who must have been about 4'9". She was...incredibly short. And good, very solid and fun to train with. Just a little disorienting.

Nothing is ever perfect, and life may only rarely be completely happy; I think it's most important that everything in your life be in place, that you be yourself as best you can in as many directions as you can manage. It takes maintenance, but there's a bedrock peace of mind from that even in the harder times, like you're living in a good house, and maybe it's got a broken window, but at least you don't have to replace the foundation.

Wait, I'm confused--where'd my discontent go?