it's only bad if I stop moving.

So I'm officially unemployed again. My boss sort of arranged with each of us today so that we didn't have to come in tomorrow, which is nice, since I'm trying to finish up with this cold I picked up in Massachusetts, which is a more vicious, drawn-out variety than I usually catch. It's in my chest now, so I should be near the end.

Putting something out of your mind is not the same as letting it go.

It's nice to be free of the place. I think purgatorial was an apt description of the company: dry, middling, passionless, mostly humorless. Never one thing or another, occasional flashes of creativity amid a sea of careless mediocrity and jingoism. (By way of example, my team's official name was--I kid you not--the "Web Center of Excellence". Not content with limiting awful writing to one little corner of the company, kindred literary geniuses came up with the motivational phrase "Who Did You WOW Today?", further shaming us all by plastering it on a banner in the front hall where visitors could immediately see that not only did we not know when to use "whom" instead of "who", but we were also idiots.) Mostly just boring, the more so for me, since there's little room there to grow as a programmer, without a corps of senior colleagues, and challenging problems to solve.

Did I mention I have exactly the kind of job I wanted, and I start in less than two weeks? *bounce*

Further observations about being back home from Massachusetts: I'm having headspace issues in my house. In part this could be because I more or less live alone now, with a rarely-present housemate who's gone for another couple weeks, and living alone has never been good for me; but also the house is really cluttered, and still doesn't have a feeling that it's really My Space. And my body immediately got more tweaky after my first night back, which means I definitely need a new bed. I'll continue cleaning tomorrow, and may take some measurements and make a field trip to Ikea (even though it's evil) or something to see what I can do to spruce up the place and make it more my own, and someplace that I find nurturing and happy. It's my cave, and I should enjoy it.