pendulum swings back.

In a classically quirky move that we all support wholeheartedly, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has recommended the Bay Bridge be renamed for Emperor Norton. I do love this place sometimes.

It's been a pretty poisonous atmosphere around the office lately. I have pretty serious Short-Timer Syndrome, and my boss has been freaking out (though he wouldn't put it that way) about whether I'm going to get any of the final cleanup stuff done before I leave, and I think he's kind of miffed I want to take the 30th and 31st off (and, yes, he's going to mark it as unpaid vacation). Now, if I were managing people, I would expect, accept, and plan for Short-Timer Syndrome; but no, as far as my boss is concerned, I'm still an employee and he thinks I should continue working as I always have up to the last day. Both opinions have merit, except for the part where I don't actually care. The resolution, such as it was, was for me to ignore the spazzing-out about my working hours and time off, and identify exactly what work needs to be done, and then later to show that much of it is, in fact, done. I may need to crack open some work for a few hours over my vacation, but really, if it settles down the bullshit at all, it's worthwhile.

I have both compliments and suggestions about his management style, though I don't know that I'll get a chance to communicate them before I leave. My primary focus is really to get the fuck out of that grey, lifeless, bureaucratic, stagnant, imagination-free purgatorial workplace as soon as possible. Really. Believe it or not, I think I was actually suppressing my disdain previously, to make it internally okay that I worked there. I'd like to put it behind me and focus on the partying and traveling to be done over the next few weeks, followed by working someplace that should be challenging, collegial, stimulating, and well-paying all at once. Who'd have thought it possible?

Heading out Saturday to visit the family in the Old Country. Mmmmm, traveling to see nice people.