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Bay Area Non-commercial Radio

Last edit: 16 July 1999

Note well: The KZSU radio station listings will go away

After five years, we have decided that we do not have the human resources to maintain quality listings of radio stations on the Web. When we phase out our crusty SparcStation 1+, the radio stations listings will not migrate. This will probably happen by September or October 1999.

Instead, we recommend radio aficionado Internauts visit the MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet.

The San Francisco Bay Region has a whole lot of noncommercial radio stations. If you'd like others added or further detailed here, please let us know. We also have an extensive list of non-local and commercial stations for your perusal.

  • KALX, Berkeley. 90.7 FM. University of California, Berkeley. 510 642 KALX (req). 510 642 1111 (biz).
  • KALW, San Francisco. 91.7 FM. San Francisco School District. 415 841 4121. NPR, PRI, BBC, and others. Eclectic, including rock, jazz, folk. Many public affairs programs.
  • KAZU, Pacific Grove. 90.3 FM. Monterey Bay Public Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. Rock. Pacifica.
  • KCEA, Menlo-Atherton. 89.1 FM. Menlo-Atherton High School. Big band.
  • KCSF, 90.9 CaFM / 870 AMCC, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. 415 695 5740. World Beat. Broadcast communications program of the City College of San Francisco.
  • KCSM, San Mateo. 91.1 FM. Jazz. NPR, PRI. College of San Mateo.
  • KDNZ, San Francisco. 880 AM / 88.1 CaFM. University of San Francisco. NACB.
  • KEAR, San Francisco. 106.9 FM + translators everywhere. Christian. Family Radio.
  • KFJC, Los Altos Hills. 89.7 FM + netcast. Foothill College. 650 941 2500 (req). 650 949 7260 (biz). Eclectic, including rock, squonk, blues, bluegrass, industrial; public affairs and news shows including the award-winning Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show, Sez Who? News, and that Sunday night anti-fascist Dave Emory.
  • KKUP, Cupertino. 91.5 FM. P.O. Box 820, Cupertino, CA 95015. 408 260 2999. Eclectic, including jazz, blues, bluegrass, classical, ethnic, experimental, reggae, public affairs including interviews.
  • KOHL, Fremont, California. 89.3 FM. CHR. Ohlone College.
  • KPFA, Berkeley, CA. 94.1 FM. 510 695 5740 (studio). 510 695 5740 (biz). Coordinated with KPFB, 89.3 FM in Berkeley, and KFCF, 88.1 FM in Fresno, Music, public affairs, news, etc. Pacifica Foundation. Gopher server also available.
  • KPOO, P.O. Box 423030, San Francisco, CA 94102. 89.5 FM. 415 346 5373. Eclectic, including jazz, blues, reggae, rap, bilingual latin, news and public affairs, salsa, international music.
  • KQED, San Francisco. 88.5 FM. KQED, Inc., NPR/PRI for San Francisco. No music, alas.
  • KSCU, Santa Clara. 103.3 FM (91.1 CaFM). 500 El Camino Real #3207, Santa Clara, CA 95053-3207. 408 554 KSCU (req). 408 554 4413 (biz). Santa Clara University. Eclectic.
  • KSFS, San Francisco. 100.7 CaFM. San Francisco State University. Alternative Rock. Broadcasts M-F, 4-10pm.
  • KSJS, San Jose, California. 90.5 FM + netcast. Eclectic.
  • KSMC, Moraga, California. 89.5 FM + netcast. Eclectic. Saint Mary's College of California.
  • KSUN, Rohnert Park. 91.5 FM. Sonoma State University. Eclectic.
  • KUSF, San Francisco. 90.3 FM + netcast. University of San Francisco. Eclectic and ethnic programming.
  • KUSP, Santa Cruz, California. 88.9 FM. Eclectic. NPR.
  • KVHS, Concord, California. Variety. 90.5 FM. Clayton Valley High School.
  • KZSC, Santa Cruz, California. 88.1 FM. Eclectic. University of California, Santa Cruz. [illegible page design]
  • KZSU, Stanford. 90.1 FM. Stanford University. 650 723 9010 (req). 650 725 4868 (biz). Eclectic, including rock, squonk, jazz, blues, bluegrass, alternative country, Christian, industrial, experimental, hip-hop, reggae (both dancehall and roots), techno. Public affairs including news broadcasts, interviews. Local and remote Stanford sports broadcasts.

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