pretty pictures.

Well, a lot of them are. Unfortunately they're not sorted or in order--the numbers are the ones given by the developers. I just recently (2 December 2002) added twenty-three (23!) rolls, all the ones starting with "0011". Sadly for the cause of organization, some of the "0011" rolls are time-contiguous with the other rolls. But, you can pretty much tell which pictures are Mexico and which aren't. Big grey mountains with pine trees are probably Yosemite National Park. There are also a couple rolls each of my second cousin's wedding and my cousin's daughter's birthday party, neither of which is likely to interest anyone outside the family.

If you find yourself taken with some pictures, hang on to the URLs, and I can send you the bigger, uncompressed versions--the originals from the developer are about 4 megabytes each, 1818 pixels wide. Prints can also be arranged. I also appreciate comments, so drop me an email:

Check out the timeline for a sense of scale. I haven't worked out all the chronology yet, sorry.

001166 (goat construction) 001167 (Isla Maria, Guanajuato on road trip) 001168 (Yosemite) 001169 (Camp & Sons, goat construction)
001170 (Joaquin Miller Regional Park) 001171 (wedding, Ocean Beach) 001172 (Mexico: road trip, Yelapa, Teotihuacan) 001173 (Thanksgiving 2002, flying with Murray)
001174 (Yosemite--rocks, water) 001175 (Yosemite--big trees) 001176 (Saige's 5th birthday) 001177 (Yosemite--rocks, waterfall)
001178 (Turtle Bay residents, 001179 (Christmas 1999?, goat construction, Fluff Genesis) 001180 (Camp & Sons, goat construction, Sausalito) 001181 (Lisbeth visit)
001182 (Cabo San Lucas) 001183 (Yelapa, Guanajuato, family visit February 2002) 001184 (Saige's 5th birthday) 001185 (Lisbeth visit, Monterey)
001186 (NYC 2002, flying with Murray?, unknown) 001187 (Yosemite, Rachel & Karin) 001188 (Christmas 2000?) 455238 (Cocktail Party 2001, Christmas 2000?)
455247 (South Hadley, 2000?) 516793 (cocktail party 2000?) 516799 (tea party and ski trip, 2000) 516803 (ski trip 2000)
966148 (4 July 2000, Bez's brunch) 966149 (Loomis 2000) 966152 (Loomis 2000) 966153 (Houseness gathering, Grass Valley wedding)
966154 (elevator, Grass Valley, Blackberry Regional Preserve 2000) 966155 (Grass Valley with Daniels) 993496 (Grass Valley wedding) 993623 (Grass Valley wedding)

EventApproximate Date
Tahoe ski tripFeb? 2000
Mexico Boat TripOct 2001 - Jan 2002
Mexico Road TripDecember 2001
Family VisitsFeb 2002
New York CityApril 2002
flying with Murray2003

Chris Doherty