I have a plan.

The plan I am actually following through on is to apply to WorldTeach, to the funded one-year programs to teach English in Patagonia Sur or in China. Patagonia is my first choice, not because I have a particular interest in Chile, but because I don't actually know how to teach, and I think I'll have enough on my hands with (a) dealing with the incredible complexity that is China, and (b) learning Mandarin. I already speak Spanish well enough that it should be one less thing to worry about. If I really love teaching English in developing countries after a year (a distinct possibility), then I'll go to China.

Why not the Peace Corps? A few reasons:

Departure would be in February, but WorldTeach says they'll have a decision within two weeks of receiving the completed application. (Which itself is a labor of love: not quite as involved as the Peace Corps, but still two recommendations and a specially formatted resumé and some lightweight essay questions and such.)

Work: settling down. Things are a little tense in the office, where I'm spending as little time as possible, instead working at home and from Peet's Coffee. But I think I'll get it done in time--some form of it, anyway.

Aikido: starting training for black belt. There is a *lot* of work to do.