don't believe everything you think.

Another piece came around recently on the endurance running hypothesis: the idea that we evolved with the natural ability to run absurd distances relative to other animals, so we could run our prey to exhaustion (persistence hunting--you can watch some Kalahari bushmen doing it). And then I saw this thing about how maybe running shoes are bunk, and I started thinking, I've always wanted to be able to run, and if I up-end my life, I'll probably end up someplace without aikido, and it'd be good cross-training anyway, since aikido is more sprinting than endurance.

Behold: the Couch-to-5K Running Plan. I bought some cheap shoes and started tonight, and it turns out running is fun without the screaming knee pain I had before aikido (which made all the muscles around my knee very strong and balanced, thus solving the problem).

Of course, my calves are tightening up and maybe I won't be able to walk tomorrow. But it's a good time!

Also, the morning glory growing on the tree overhanging my deck managed to produce a flower during the heat wave. (It got up to the mid-90s. Now it's in the 60s again. Yay climate change!)