I've been busy! And not feeling like writing. I've been looking at all the stuff coming up, observing my interest in songs that remind me what it's like to be in love. (I'm starting to remember.) Experiencing being single.

(Nope, still not a fan. But that's okay. Liking it isn't what's important. And it has to be done.)

you will know it when you've gone too far,
your sight grows in and narrow
you cannot see the stars above you
they love you in their far away way
they ask you sincerely to stay, hey, stay

I've been taking a lot of classes, especially bookbinding. I think it's about time for a break, since I'm getting tired. And I've been ramping back up with aikido training, which is nice. Seems likely my black belt will be sometime this year. And my jukai will be in June. At least I'm almost done with Season 4 of the new Doctor Who. Spoiler: more Daleks!