this is new. or not.

A little down lately, just as a course of events. Quiet, wanting to stay home tidying up and cooking more and sitting on the couch watching DVDs of the new Doctor Who series. (Which is fantastic, if you get a chance. I want to make a Tardis now.) But I'm also enjoying all my relationships, which is good. And cutting back on refined sugar: I've loosened up on my diet these past few months, and I can tell.

I've been out on a couple dates recently, and mostly I miss Kat. Not just because she already knows me and we've spent a couple of years getting our rhythm down, but we have a lot in common, and she's got sharp edges and she's interesting, in a way most people aren't. I grin every time I hear her in my mind saying "Jackass." Maybe we'll just date for part of the year, from the beginning of campout season up to my birthday in January, and then take a break.

I've been listening to what Beatles I have around or have gotten from the library: Revolver, A Hard Day's Night, the White Album, and that remastered compilation of singles, 1. I need to get Abbey Road and Rubber Soul, but I'm starting to hear what made them special. A lot of it needs context: "Paperback Writer" is definitely a pop song, but it's got a lot of layers and interesting features that were innovative in 1966. (And according to Wikipedia, they made the bass really loud by using a loudspeaker as a microphone, which is absolutely insane and would still be innovative today.)

(Remember from your physics classes that a microphone and a speaker are actually the same device.)

I'm getting the apartment set up. Soon I'll have some floating shelves bolted in for an altar, and a coathook so I stop tossing my jacket on the floor, and someday I hope to put away the last of the boxes.