For a while now I've been waking up a couple times each night, usually getting back to sleep quickly, but resenting the interruption. After this happened on Monday night, including a really mentally active dream, I remembered that I can actually take action to change these things, and Tuesday night I stayed up an extra two hours until midnight, slept straight through, and woke up happy and rested with my alarm at 5:45 on Wednesday.

Last night, I felt pretty good about the sleep thing, only stayed up until 11...and woke up, AWAKE, at 4am. And granted, I had two Cokes at a late dinner, but it's nearly midnight and I'm a little tired, but not yet sleepy. I found myself an awesome new big long-term project at work, and I've been churning away at that, consciously and not, so that may contribute. A few years ago I had a couple weeks of light mania, where I was chugging along on 3 hours of sleep per night. Wouldn't that be interesting to see again.

Ah, work. I finally sent our project manager a typed message explaining in detail my experience of the past few weeks (they're unable to say either "here are your priorities" or "we don't have any priorities for you right now"), and what I perceive as happening on his end, and this doesn't seem to be satisfying for either of us, and certainly not for me, so could we please fix the situation. He came over and said that yes, pretty much the chaos is exactly as I have perceived it, and I should go ahead for now and do whatever work I think is important.