holy fucking shit.

We just elected a black, progressive, intellectual, half-African man to be the leader of the free world. By a lot.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. My jaw is on the floor. We were watching the TV and after these past eight years the headline looked like it might be a cruel joke. "Awaiting President-Elect Obama."

After all these years, when was the last time a politician actually stood up and said that we have to take care of each other. That, in his words, "I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper."? For the first time in my lifetime, instead of the lesser of two evils, we had a chance to choose a genuine good.

Little kids will grow up with a black President being normal.

We get a prominent political couple who actually like each other.

The Baby Boomers are no longer in charge. Hopefully we are finally finished fighting the culture and policy wars of the 60s.

The rest of the world is breathing a sigh of relief at the idea of America regaining its senses.

Some of the world think our race issues are even worse than they are, and is astonished that a black man could be President.

He's inheriting a tremendous mess, and I've never seen anyone else in public life I'd rather have in charge.

I'm getting all teary-eyed when I think about it. I barely know what to do with myself.