slight consumerism.

I bought a new stereo. I usually try to avoid buying stuff, but I've been wanting a new stereo for maybe five years now, and dammit, I found one and I wanted it.

It's about 3x the cost of my previous stereo, and sounds appropriately nicer. It is also small and shiny. It's a lot like switching from regular television to HD: mostly it hadn't occurred to me there was more detail available that I might find interesting, but once presented with the extra detail, it's really wonderful.

The election continues to be insane, but fun to watch, especially the McCain campaign's simultaneous flailing and whipping their fans into an angry racist mob that shouts things like "Treason!" and "Kill him!" whenever Palin mentions Obama. (McCain has once or twice tried to tamp down on the mob mentality; unfortunately, one of his crowds booed him (around 5m30s) when he said Obama is a good man.) By comparison, Obama handles things with grace and determination.