stupid pop songs on repeat.

Long weekend, since I took a poorly-planned trip up to the city yesterday to watch the Fleet Week airshow from a friend's rowing club, right on the north shore of San Francisco. Problems with this included, but were not limited to:

  1. Everybody and their fricking grandchild goes to Fleet Week, so parking is nonexistent and public transit is overwhelmed.
  2. The north short of San Francisco is home to the Bay Area's primary tourist trap, Fisherman's Wharf.
  3. It's Columbus Day Weekend.
  4. I didn't think of any of these things in advance, nor did I look at how to get there via public transit.
So I had a 2.7-mile walk back to try and get my car before the garage closed, before meeting Kat for a nice dinner at Incanto. But I was pretty tired and she was game for a mellow evening in, so we rented Charlie Bartlett (it's fun) and got Indian food instead.

The news has now gotten so wide-ranging that I can no longer follow things in the detail I'd like. It used to be I could track the housing/credit crash and the election by reading 30-45 minutes of news, but even just reading Washington Monthly and FiveThirtyEight for the election, and for housing/credit, and listening to NPR, I can't track the details any more. It's a little unsettling, but also a reminder to stop, slow down what I'm doing, and pay attention to the details of what I'm doing.