and yet more chaos!

I am giggling madly right now, first because the dollar is rising despite that fact that the national debt clock in New York has run out of digits. People are buying Treasury bonds at near-zero yields (occasionally less, which is to say "I will give you a dollar as long as you promise to give me 99 cents") because there aren't other options. So the U.S., at the moment, is Too Big To Fail.

The other reason I'm giggling madly is because, in the midst of all this change, Connecticut has legalized gay marriage. The governor doesn't believe any attempt at reversal will succeed, and since Connecticut has a real government instead of California's useless Legislature and capricious rule-by-ballot-initiative, it'll probably stick.

I realize I'm nearly alone in how much I like change. But so much has been so wrong, for so long, and not just the years of Republican misrule, that I've been craving a social cataclysm. What if, as a culture, we finally understood and accepted that unregulated accumulation of capital is not the greatest good? What if we re-oriented ourselves so that the goal of government, and of the economics described by the government (because that's where our economic system comes from), was greater human welfare, rather than a handful of amoral men getting rich?