I was all interested to see what kind of person the governor of Alaska might be that she should be the Republican vice-presidential candidate. While I'm not surprised to discover she possesses the amoral ruthlessness prized by fundamentalist politics--though she's ham-handed, even by those standards--I've been pretty startled to discover the degree to which she's dumber than she looks. The campaign has been working overtime to keep anyone from asking her unscripted questions, and if you haven't seen her interview with Katie Couric, it's pretty amazing. Saturday Night Live did a skit based on the interview...except that several times in the skit, they just quoted her verbatim from the interview.

I may well cry if McCain wins, but regardless of the outcome, what a year for the history books. And all these kids who are growing up seeing that having women and minorities in presidential campaigns is a perfectly reasonable thing. (Hopefully they're not noticing yet how fucked up it all is.)

Sprained thumb: healing nicely.