The guy I've been training for his 3rd kyu tested last night, and did really well, so we both look good, which is nice. And tonight I took falls for my friend Alex's 4th dan (4th-degree black belt) demonstration--for 4th dan and above, it's a demonstration, not an examination. Those are teaching ranks, given by recommendation, and the demonstration is "please teach us something from your understanding" rather than "let's see what you know".

People are starting to ask when I'm testing, since it's been almost a year since my first kyu test, and I'm the only first kyu around the dojo at the moment. If I keep training as I have been, I'll have enough training days in a year or so, and it's up to the teachers when I test after that, but I imagine it'll be before the end of 2009. You're all invited, of course.