Support is building for the George W. Bush Memorial Sewage Treatment Plant. I'm pretty sure it will pass, since the plant's already there and it won't cost much money to rename it.

I emailed American Public Media's Marketplace today, after listening through last week's show and finding Friday's both too funny, and too ignorant, not to comment:

          Thank you for a lively dose of humor on Friday, June 20th,
          though I'm afraid it comes at the expense of two people featured
          in your segment:

          - David Johnson's constant astonishment that we're in a global
            financial meltdown is naive, and would be even cuter if that
            kind of shortsightedness hadn't contributed to the
            problem. "But the banks already did writedowns! How can there
            be more writedowns?!"  The poor man is in denial about how
            foolish and dishonest all these giant corporations have been.

          - And then, my goodness. Justin Wolfers. If he's emblematic of
            business education it's no wonder we're having a
            meltdown. Incomes *always* rise to match prices, so we
            shouldn't worry about inflation? There aren't any other
            options, say, for example, an economic crisis, or even just
            increased poverty?

          I think Bob Moon, or whoever's in charge with Kai gone, is
          putting a distinctly reality-denying, not to say Republican,
          slant on the show. This week the show referred to people who
          gave more than $200 to Obama's campaign as "big donors", even
          though that was 55% of his contributions, and $200 is not the
          sum it once was; and referred to donors over $1000 as "wealthy
          insiders". According to the data on opensecrets.org, 53,404
          people have given more than $1000 to Obama's campaign--43% of
          his donors. 53,404 people that you'd characterize as "insiders"?
          I look forward to Kai's return, and a re-grounding in common
          sense. Meantime, thanks for the laughs.
I am busily trying to figure out how to make money from the financial system collapsing; I'm not sure if I have the time, motivation, or capital. It's a fun project, anyway. My only real resource is Marketplace and the links from patrick.net.

Somewhat grotesquely, but with impeccable timing, my old friend Kelly photographed her husband delivering the coup de grace to a freshly-caught tuna.

I've been thinking more about an MLS program, leaning toward University of Washington's online program instead of SJSU's, partly because UW is a cooler name and I think a stronger program, but also California's higher education system is being utterly eviscerated this year, and who knows when it'll recover. I've got about nine months to figure out where to apply, Beyond that, I'm considering whether I can keep working in software to some extent while I do school, and whether I can do both those things and put in some time in a library somewhere, since by all accounts the best thing you can do during an MLS program is work in a library. I'm also considering the 50% pay cut that would come with librarianship. Clearly I need to marry well.