I sat down to dinner tonight, to eat a pork chop with mushrooms and steamed asparagus, at my new table, with placemats and a cloth napkin (thanks, Mom). And there were pretty flowers, that smelled nice, in a vase.

I imagine they're ready to kick me out of the Bachelor Society soon. The place is still a mess, though, and will be even after I clean up more. (To make room for the table, for example, I put away my camping table that had the microwave and toaster oven on it, and moved a couple of green Webvan bins over and put the appliances on that. Big improvement, actually.)

If I ever meet someone I want to see every day--and trust me, I now know exactly what to do if that happens--the process of moving in together will be...fascinating. Naturally she'll have her own collection of spare computer parts, so we can eliminate some redundancy there...