Hillary Clinton continues to go off the rails--every desperate gambit shows more and more of her true colors. Her supporters have taken up the war cry that she's lost because of sexism, and she play on that mercilessly: women see her as a symbol for their constant need to fight just to get a male world to give their ideas a fair hearing (as Rebecca Solnit admirably describes). Clinton supporters are currently so angry that they're saying if she loses, they will not support Obama, and some are going one better and saying they'll go work for McCain, which is, charitably, cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I don't doubt that there's been sexism in the media, but there's also been racism where Obama is concerned, and I think Clinton is losing because she's run a bad campaign, and because she's unpleasant, ruthless, pandering and manipulative.

Former White House Spokesweasel Scott McClellan has suddenly decided that the Iraq war was built on lies and propaganda; an excellent summary of the book is "I totally didn't know I was lying those 630,000 times."

Obama's campaign is doing a donation-matching thing, if you've not given yet, or want to give more.