Busy day: I had time to go to the Palo Alto farmer's and flea markets before aikido at 10. I bought a managebly-sized Craftman bench vise for $28: when I saw it I thought of all the times I've wanted to use a vise in the past five months, and had to drag my giant fricking machinist's vise out of my closet. And realizing that I don't need it, and if I ever get to a point of setting up a blacksmithing or metalsmithing shop, I'll just buy another giant vise, but for now I should sell this one. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

Along the same lines, I've managed to freecycle my shopvac, a soft cartop carrier that I haven't used since the first time when I moved here almost nine years ago (and can't use now because I don't have a luggage rack), and my pair of 3lb hammers. Also my VCR, and I finally someone wants Kelly's coffee maker. So I'm getting there: eventually I'm going to have to tackle the computer equipment, and the piles of paper.

Update: I continue to love all of my new albums, especially the Weepies.

I started sewing a rakusu a couple of weeks ago. It'll be done whenever it's done, and then my jukai will be the springtime after that. Tonight I bit the bullet and bought a better floor lamp at Target, with a tasklight attached, so I can actually see what I'm doing. (The cloth is dark blue, so the needle kind of blends in unless there's light reflecting off it.)

Years and years ago, possibly as far back as high school, I identified relationships as the only thing that really scared me. Having been through several hells and a number of good changes since then, I can upgrade them now to being the only things in life that can deeply trouble me. I'm immersed in work, and Zen practice, and aikido practice, and all sorts of other thing that really really bother most people, some way or another, and yes, what bothers me

And that alone is enough reason to keep doing it.