I saw Iron Man last night. It's a ton of fun, one of the truly solid comic-book movies ever made. Later on in the evening I got to shepherd a friend through the ER for a bruised kneecap (unrelated to me, it was from aikido earlier in the day), but these things happen. (She should be fine.)

I just watched The Day The Earth Stood Still for the first time. It's an excellent movie, despite some points from 1951 that haven't aged well. Things I found generally curious:

Brilliant movie. I've also re-watched Labyrinth, which is fantastic (you should watch the making-of documentary on the DVD), and Secretary, which I think is in my Top 5 Best Movies of All Time, right up there with Citizen Kane. It's gorgeous to watch, and the performances from James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal are just jaw-dropping, as if they spent hours and hours in front of mirrors learning to work individual muscles on their faces.