I'm used to processing a huge amount of information in a day. I track the latest chaos in housing and credit markets, usually read smoe technical stuff, and also constantly look up whatever questions come to mind in my reading, or in online chat with friends. Answering email, checking websites.

My laptop is still on hold, waiting for a part to come in to the shop. So life has not been so busy, right when I've got my last few days of slack before I start work again. It's okay: there will be other days of slack, and it's a fine thing to have to slow down and not be absorbed in the computer, and even to have to type slower because the computer that is available can't keep up.

I decided today not to spend $400 on a laptop that I would really only use for a week and then set aside. It took me the drive up to Daly City to decide that, though, so on the way home I putzed around San Matoe, where I was delighted to discover that the library had the next volume of Usagi Yojimbo ("Rabbit Bodyguard") that I've started reading. Basically it's about a rabbit samurai, with his ears put up like a samurai topknot. It's excellent work, and re-tells the ancient history of Japan as found in a couple old chronicles, but with anthropomorphized characters and some better storytelling. I mean, bunny samurai. I'm not sure what else is needed.

I kidnapped the girl on Sunday night for a surprise overnight outing, to the Goose & Turrets in Montara with dinner at Navio at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, neither of which were terribly expensive for what we got out of it. There was that nice feeling of having good stuff planned out and having it unfold well, only telling her stuff like "bring a sweater" and "I'm wearing a coat and tie to dinner". We will still have plenty of stuff to hash out to keep the relationship happening in a way that works for us both, but it was important to take a break and just enjoy each other's company for its own sake again.

My apartment is a mess, because I've been unpacking and sorting through stuff, without necessarily getting rid of it fast enough. But this place is just not comfortable for storing useless crap, so that will be Thursday's project. And ugh, why did I decide I wanted to mail computers to people? I am silly.