that's certainly a thing.

I got a job offer, rather a nice one, from this company in San Mateo that I interviewed with. They're a bit odd for a variety of reasons, but the first thing one notices is that they're what I call a Startup Revenant: the company started, and for some reason, everybody quit, and a skeleton crew (in this case it seems to have been the founders plus the chief scientist) hired new staff and secured more funding. The current crew seems to be nice and mellow and pretty sharp, though.

Good Things:

Apprehensions: Obviously a lot of those aren't worth paying attention to--no job will be like Danger was. But it'll be something else which will probably also be fine. And really, being so close to home, well-paid, and working in Perl, I think I can tolerate a fair amount of things not being exactly how I might like them.

For Easter, I'm finishing Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus, a nice readable description of why all our Bible translations are bad (though he puts it in much more interesting wording). I first heard of him in his Fresh Air interview, and I recommend it, since he's an engaging speaker and writer with an interesting personal story. It also has the phrase "periblepsis occasioned by homoeoteleuton" in it, which is absolutely wonderful, but he's making a joke and only uses the words a few times.