cultural heritage.

I'm watching Being There, which is a wonderful, wonderful movie, but aside from its own merit, I'm struck by how many other movies it's inspired: off the top of my head, I have Forrest Gump, The Truman Show, Dave, and the TV series John From Cincinatti (whose mysterious stranger, John, often just repeats back to people parts of what they've said).

I'm also reading Grant Morrison's run of Doom Patrol, which has been recommended to me for years, but I just now downloaded it (as I did with Fables, which is awesome). I'd been told Doom Patrol would hurt my brain, and I shook it off, but...yeah. It's pretty messed up. It's also highly educated, especially in the writing, but even in the art, which is standard pre-90s comic book art which is generally boring. However, one plot arc mentions the Renaissance painter Piranesi, who I'd never heard of and whose work pretty clearly presages Escher, and has a pretty Kafkaesque vibe to it. It's fun to find all these little threads of ideas.

The Internet has also given me more Bach than I can handle, including three (3!) recordings of the Cello Suites, and Glenn Gould's performances of every solo keyboard piece, including the Well-Tempered Clavier; and finally I get to hear the Musical Offering, which forms a central theme in the epic Gödel, Escher, Bach.

Time to find a job, though.