well, hey.

So, largely a rough day, bunch of antisocial anxiety and head noise coming and going. It would have settled me to sit for a while, but that's not what I did. I did go at 3:30 to practice sword stuff with Leslie, and then to the basics class at the dojo, which was pretty grounding; then it turned out I had some free time with this woman at the dojo I was possibly seeing on Saturday anyway, so we went and did the coffeedate thing, which was really, really nice. My first date with anyone new since April 2006 or so...I think I was right in determining that it's important for me to meet and connect with new people. I just don't make new friends that often, especially in the past few years, and it's important to remember how to be open with people who don't already know me.

Dating aside, we have to expand ourselves and our kindness to everyone: family, friends, strangers.