yay for pals.

A lovely weekend up in the rainy woods, with lots of nice food and good friends. I didn't really get any reading done, between talking to people and coordinating the whole event, but that's okay, since I quit my job and have lots of time to read.

I'm thinking about going the contracting route for a while, at least until the job market implodes again. I got some good tips from Kat, Ann and Jason about ways to optimize that financially (besides charging clients a lot of money), so I may create an S-corporation for myself (California's simplest kind of corporation, often used by the self-employed): since U.S. law generally grants more rights to corporations than to people, it makes sense to incorporate.

Did I mention I quit my job? Yay.

I just watched Trembling Before G-d, a modern-classic documentary about gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews. It's wonderful, and tragic and sad...all these people, in so much pain, some of them driven a bit nutty in the head with their suffering. Such a waste.

Tomorrow I get up, sit, make breakfast...and finish a book.

Work is lame. I should quit more often.