Not really. With the long commute, though, I'm feeling less inclined to write: I get home and almost immediately cook dinner or go to the dojo, then try to get some reading in, or watch a bit of a movie or something found at the library. The job is still not worth the commute, but I'm saving lots of money and still committed to giving it a fair shot (or at least what I promised my boss, which is the end of January).

Here's an excellent article on why Canada's (and the U.S.'s) drug policy is failing--not just the part that should be obvious, which is that attacking the supply is useless when the demand remains so high. Psychologist Bruce Alexander has gone the next step, to determine that demand itself is environmentally-driven, and all this hysteria about drugs magically addicting you if you even get in the same room with them is nonsense. (If you can get people to talk candidly, plenty of folks have tried all sorts of classic junkie drugs like cocaine, crack, crystal meth, and heroin, found it not to their liking, and moved on with life. I'm not one of those people: I feel like hell if I eat a Hostess cupcake, and I've not yet been convinced that cocaine would be that much better than a Hostess cupcake as to make up for the inevitable feeling-like-crap afterwards.)