I bought my plane tickets for Mexico. And the house is almost done: the junk haulers came on Friday, Jason helped me get my stuff out on Saturday, I've spackled the holes in the wall, and the cleaner comes tomorrow morning. The available touch-up paint is all dried and rusted, so the remaining unknown is what the landlords will do about that, or cut from the security deposit; shouldn't be a problem, since there's nothing wrong but normal wear and tear.

Today's word is adumbrate.

I slacked on buying bargain tickets to Portland for this weekend, so I'll need to find some other vacation to take with my vacation, unless there are last-minute tickets. Alternately, I could just go back to Seattle, since there was a whole chunk of it I didn't get to see. It'll be fine, I'm sure.

Before the move, I found I was having trouble watching the medical procedures on House. I think my empathy is coming back.