I caught a knee to the back of the head last night at aikido. Even tiny concussions suck. (I'm amused that I can identify the feeling.)

Still remarkably angry at my ex-housemate: every time I open a cabinet I'd forgotten about, it's full of his crap that he didn't even bring out into the open so I could deal with it more easily. I did get everything assembled and separated, so most of the stuff that would be reusable has gone to either Freecycle or the thrift store. Tomorrow morning is the junk pickup, Saturday morning Jason is coming with his Element to move the last of my stuff, and then on Monday the cleaner woman is coming.

(I think she thought I was playing hardball. She said it'd be $300 to clean the house--it's a big house--and I said fine, I have other cleaners looking at the place, I'll let you know. Ten minutes after she leaves, she calls and offers me $250. I say thanks, I'll let her know. Five minutes after that, she offers me $200. I accept, mainly because I'd like her to stop calling me, and knowing that while it wouldn't be terribly nice, I can cancel it. It turns out the other cleaners can't come until Wednesday, and I've only got until Thursday and I really want this over and done with.)

I crashed the launch party tonight, at this swanky nightclub in Mountain View. Nice food, and it's good to see people and feel the relationships I've built. This is really the only job where I've liked the people enough to want to see them more often.

New apartment continues kicking ass.