I strongly recommend against moving and quitting your job at the same time, especially moving into your first place on your own, and giving up TV. There's a distinct sense of lostness and unfamiliarity: normally I could escape my apartment by spending more time at work, but what do I do now, with nearly a month until the new job starts? I have to stay engaged with my piles of boxes, the piles of unmoved stuff still at the house, the fact that my shower feels like a cheap motel (I'm thinking a new showerhead will fix it, since the faucet pressure is fine), the fact that my heat shows no signs of working. Dissatisfaction and sadness run high, and I have to let them come so they'll pass. It's good practice, and it's successful and it has a certain joy of its own--I'm enjoying the sense of ultimate groundedness, and letting myself be free and fluid through the changes--but it's a lot of work and nowhere near as comfortable as just having a place you live and a routine you go through each day.