everything converges.

Nothing can stay uncertain forever, as I charge into my last week at work and start the serious packing for the movers on Wednesday. I bought a little kitchen island, either for my future microwave/toaster oven, or for my future countertop portable dishwasher, I'm not sure which. (Larger rolling portable dishwashers will not fit in my car; I found a smaller one I think I'll get, though. It's so CUTE!) I'm taking J.D. flatware, leftover dishes, and really the vast majority of our kitchen. (Except the toaster, which I totally understand because he's got an awesome toaster.)

(He's paying by the pound for shipping, and is deciding that all sorts of things are not worth shipping to Colorado. I'm taking most of it, since I need things like kitchen cleansers, and my cost of storage is basically zero, just the inconvenience of having something until I decide to throw it out.)

I can hardly wait until this is all settled and I can experience the world's impermanence from the comfort of my nice unpacked living room.