on and on.

J.D. has arranged for his packers and movers to come on November 1st, so I'm hoping to have my stuff moved out by the 31st, so as to be out of the way and to avoid mistakes where the packers pack something of mine, it ends up in Boulder, and I don't find out until six months later when I really want it. I ordered basic AT&T phone service at the new place so I can get Sonic.net DSL, and while it's nice that I can get a phone line for $12/month and I can order it online, AT&T hilariously has 12-hour service windows, so they'll be there between 8am and 8pm on the 5th. I'm thinking I don't actually need to be there, since it's an apartment building, but who knows. Regardless, no Internet for a while unless someone in the building has an unsecured router (which seems pretty likely). Between that and no TV, I'm thinking I'll be reading a lot of books while listening to my CD collection.

I am jazzed about the new apartment, a bit apprehensive about the new commute. I'm spending some money on useful things that I've been putting off: better windscreen and locking topcase for the motorcycle, external hard drives and a wireless router for computer stuff.

(Speaking of money, here's a really interesting article about an essay on money by Lemony Snicket. The book sounds fun.)

Every hour at work brings fresh confirmation that leaving is the right thing: the company is pretty seriously ill right now, and completely paralyzed. While the best fix would involve firing a few key executives, we could at least get some movement going by firing a couple of other people, but there isn't even the will to do that. So I don't know what the resolution will be, and I don't want to live through it in any case.