yay vaacation.

I'm on vacation for a week, sort of to settle myself down and get some stuff done before I give notice, and my last three weeks can be calm and pleasant and I won't yell at anyone. I'm sort of angsting about the next job, trying to decide if I can hack a commute into SF for what is otherwise an excellent opportunity, working with a few people I already know on interesting technical problems that are just about exactly what I would like to be doing for the next phase of my career.

Did I mention I'm moving, too? J.D. has started a job in Boulder, and is bouncing back and forth a bit and will be packing up and moving soon. The plan is to be out of here by November 15th, though if I don't mind spending the money, I can stay here past that if we don't give formal notice. I'd just as soon have the move over and done with before I go to Mexico in December, though.

I'm reading Crooked Cucumber, which I recommend because it's a great biography (and I'm not a biography fan), but the blurb on the back, from author Steven Tipton, says:

Shunryu Suzuki taught by example, extraordinary in its ordinariness, leaving no trace except the transparent wisdom and lucent joy of living in a world with nothing to hold on to and everything to share.
I like that: "nothing to hold on to and everything to share". There really isn't anything to hold on to, and all we can do with everything and everyone in our life is take our absolute freedom and share the world with itself.