Maybe I shouldn't buy a house yet. Also, the futures market based on the Case-Shiller Housing Index doesn't look good.

I'm on vacation through Monday. I seem to be pretty busy for the week, but I'd like to try and ride my motorcycle down to San Luis Obispo on Wednesday and Thursday; whether I'll actually do that instead of sit around and read, or clean up in anticipation of moving, or any of the other things I'd like to do, it anyone's guess.

It turns out I have completely misjudged Bruce Springsteen. I finally bought Nebraska, and I found Born to Run and Born In the U.S.A. at the library, and all three are extremely good, and quite different. And his new single, "Radio Nowhere", is also great. I have nothing to say about him personally (a friend says he's a jerk, but doesn't specify why), but I highly recommend his music.