My housemate has accepted a job in Boulder, so he's gone there for a couple weeks to get things started, before coming back here and moving. I'm taking the opportunity to start sorting and packing my own stuff: the living room is carpeted with my three bins of computer parts and accessories, for purposes of paring down. I also finally sorted through the box of childhood stuff my parents sent me a while back; most of it is destined for the trash or the thrift store (do I need two dozen soccer team patches? I think not), but I found a few gems, including the journal from my Outward Bound course in 1992. I went ahead and transcribed it, since it's short and written in ever-fading pencil; I'll post it as soon as I get past the embarassment of what a pretentious ass I was.

(Yeah, yeah, I've really grown as a person, now I'm a shamless pretentious ass.)

You should watch Uncle Jay explaining Congressional recess.