We went to Chillits this weekend.

  1. Over the course of Friday, it became clear that the main index knuckle on my left hand was infected. On Wednesday my kooky doctor (who is now one hundred percent FIRED) used one of these things to burn a wart off--it uses electric sparks to desiccate the flesh. While he was doing it, even though he'd injected lidocaine, I could swear I felt the thing burning into healthy flesh below the wart. He brushed it off, because he does that. He's charming, in a way, this weird British guys in his 50s who talks to himself.
  2. Figuring the infection could wait a few hours, we kept moving ahead of the traffic and stopped in Ukiah to track down the Mendocino Community Health Clinic. They were a little surprised, but an appointment opened up and I got to see a non-kooky doctor, who remarked that burning was a bizarre way to do that wart, and she would have frozen it: safer, and no anesthetic. So I got antibiotics.
  3. I moved the car this morning to get our stuff loaded, and discovered a flat tire. Slight delay to put the doughnut tire on (it turns out that not only do I not have a full-size spare, but there isn't room for one, which is probably why), and a slower-than-usual drive to Ukiah again. I intended to just head into town and start asking around, but the first exit led us straight to Jensen's Truck Stop, with its piles of tires and a guy named Ted who would be right back. We ordered lunch across the parking lot at Jensen's restaurant, then I took twenty minutes to get the tire fixed and pay the $20, and we were on our way. Near-optimal conditions for getting a flat tire, really: quickly finding a place open on Sunday, at lunchtime with a restaurant next door.

    Excellent weekend. I have the best friends in the world.