aaaaand it's over.

God bless America.

My aikido test on Thursday went very well. I've seen the video a couple of times, and I'm much more pleased with how it looked than I was at the time with how it felt, so that's good. I'm trying to patch the DVD files together into a reasonably-sized movie that I can share with people; if you have any experience with importing and editing from DVD on a Mac, please let me know.

Now that aikido has cleared out some space, I'm thinking more about work: I have an array of unpleasant tasks to do at a gridlocked company, and a new boss who I like, and I think I trust, but I'm not sure what his plan is for breaking the gridlock, or whether I'm going to like it (so far it looks like it will involve writing specifications, so the initial answer is no, I won't). Quitting seems like a pretty viable and pleasant option. But that will come in its own time.