Rough couple of days. My boss is finally leaving at the end of next week: good for him (I've been encouraging it, because of how our employer has dealt with him), but so far about as awful for me as I thought. I inherit at least four meetings per week, plus having to deal with a bunch of process crap directly that he's protected me from. As if on cue, the new director (who seems like a good guy) has proposed a Functional Spec Template for projects. Except that I don't really do identifiable projects. Nor do I want to start. And really I'd just like the whole thing to go away, and for me to be working for some small company where I just klatsch with other engineers and get shit done.

Instead, at least for a little while, I have to deal with all the process bullshit, all the Ops neurosis, all the Architecture arrogance, and all the management deafness. Thinking about it makes me want to quit immediately, but I'm going to not think about it and give it a fair shake, especially since quitting now would screw over a lot of people.

I'll breathe, take a nice long weekend, ride my motorcycle, do my aikido test, take a week off (including my long-planned ride down to San Luis Obispo), and remember my center as everything swirls around.

(I'm also being floored by the genius of the Deltron 3030 recording, a superb hiphop album, in a genre apparently known as acid rap, which I mainly notice for its lack of misogyny and gratuitous street violence. Highly recommended.)