little miracles.

I went to bed last night with my cough, seemingly resistant to almost all treatment: not herbs, not the prescription cough suppressant. Only dextromethorphan, which I hate. But I needed to sleep, and it's not so bad if I take it before sleep, because it's largely worn off by the time I wake up and I'm trying to be focused and aware again. So I took the NyQuil last night (which no longer has pseudoephedrine in it, and I had to show my driver's license anyway, because we can't even descend to living in a competent police state), and I woke up this morning...not needing to cough.

It turns out that coughing spasms, every 30 seconds or so as I had, is pretty hard on your body. All those muscles contracting as hard as they can, over and over. By yesterday I'd sort of lost my sense of humor about it and I was starting to feel pretty beat up. Now after a day of not coughing so much, I only feel a little beat up. I will keep taking care of myself and hopefully I will be all better soon.

I learned I should eat meat broth and vegetables, so I've been doing that off and on, but I've suddenly learned how easy it is to cook with grains like barley and quinoa. If you've got some broth or stock already going, just toss some of the grain in there. Neither seems to overcook (both remain kind of chewy), and it adds texture and some taste. Rice probably works too, but I haven't tried it.

I'm still toying with the idea of getting my own place, even more so after this month's PG&E bill (I live in a house, and houses are expensive to heat). I like the idea of creating my own space, dealing with only my own kitchen mess, only my own furniture, probably no TV. Simpler. But I don't want to leave this neighborhood, and I'm not yet up to the work of moving.