it couldn't be *that* easy.

Confused about who AT&T is, after all the acquisitions? Stephen Colbert will explain it for you.

BoingBoing posted a startling video by a nonverbal autistic. The first half runs a little long, as she films examples of her own personal language; but then, through a text-to-speech translator, she explains exactly what she's doing, and what her world is like. It's really astonishing, and a way of looking at things I'd never considered.

The euphoria is fading, which I guess I expected, though it's still a bit sad. It will happen again, I imagine, but the goal isn't to constantly feel that good (though it would be nice, and I think I will develop a portion of that more permanently), but to keep that present-mind all the time, in every action; always fluid and free, not stuck on ideas or past or future--not even stuck on "now". And the hell of the hungry ghosts is always right next door, that desperate sense of seeking and searching and wanting.