mmm, home.

The ground around here is a bit dirty to kiss (all praise city living), but because of how I've been since the desert, I have never been so truly and plainly happy to be home. I've been thinking about why that is, and it's because I've constructed a life here that fits me, where I am both comfortable and challenged, and easily able to take care of and explore myself...a life that is an expression of who I am. This was a fertile place, and I grew a life where I belong.

This worn-out old man
Can be reborn
Any time he wants

I need to follow through on raising some herbs in pots. Stuffing fresh oregano under chicken skin and roasting is something I need to do more of.

I should also tune my guitar more often. It's an astonishing difference, and pretty obvious when you remember that a guitar sounds good because of reinforcing harmonics among all the strings--harmonics that aren't lined up with the guitar is out of tune. It's the second-best thing for the sound, after a new pair of strings.