that was different.

Went out tonight with a girl who seems to be really into me, which is kind of odd since there was a level of connection missing that's really important to me; and I think not important to her at all. We had a detailed and fun bunch of email conversation, so I'd already suspected our priorities and interests were different. It's funny how that happens, though. Two perfectly fine people, just operating in different realms, and I felt like we just passed each other straight by. And that's okay: I'm enjoying being in contemplative-hermit mode. (Supposedly this will dissipate starting in late spring/early summer, and I'll start feeling more open and able to connect with people. I'm looking forward to this year, to see what happens.)

Wow. I had a glass of port tonight, and it's amazing how much it disrupts the flow of energy and feeling around my body.

Four days until I'm in New England, and I still don't have a new winter jacket. I did buy a new fleece hat (lost my old one), a Smartwool neck warmer (mainly for motorcycling) and more Smartwool socks. And a thermometer/compass zipper thinger, just because I could.