I forgot to go to work today. I went to the office to pick up a package and was startled to see the lot full of cars. I stuck around for the afternoon, responding to a surprising number of things that wanted my attention while I was on vacation. I got my replacement ready for some stuff I delegated to him, answered email, listened to people describe long boring problems that don't concern me. The usual.

For New Year's Eve, I went to the dojo celebration, then to a small party in SF to hang out with one of my exes. I got home around 4am, so naturally I have a cold now; actually I suspect it was waiting for me, since the sore throat came midway through the second shot of straight tonic water. On the bright side, even when sick I feel better than I did nine months ago: the diet has helped me build up an underlying foundational energy that I can feel underneath anything transitory like sickness or tiredness.