why didn't I think of that.

Okay, no more amusing myself by wondering about the last relationship. I chose based on my feelings and instincts, and I still think I was right. If I was wrong, that would be interesting and maybe even good; but I wasn't. On to other projects.

My father wrote me a really nice and interesting note today--then scanned it in and emailed it to me as a PDF. This is new to me, and hilarious, and wonderful, because it's in his handwriting, so when I print it out, it's largely indistinguishable from the actual handwritten notes I get in the mail now and again. Plus I have a backup copy for the inevitable time when I lose the printout.

My boss has gently instructed me to take a vacation at the end of the year, because it's pretty clear that I need one. I was thinking about Portland or Seattle or Vancouver, which are all fine ideas, but Kelly had an even better idea, which was the Mojave National Preserve. We'd talked about visiting the Kelso Dunes on the way home from Colorado, but the timing was off and we were tired of traveling. It's a good idea, since mostly I want to be alone and read books and stuff, and this will get me outdoors and moving about, and away from other people. This is why we have friends, you see: to fill in the blanks in our thinking.