right on rain returning.

I'm being smacked upside the head by the irony of this Who video of "My Generation". I can't get over a song about generational differences, done in a style that's so dated it's a joke, and Tom Hanks made a movie about it. I think it says a lot about how well the musicians and their music have aged; in a lot of ways I think the music of The Who sounds less dated than the Beatles (who, much as they were brilliant, I never really want to listen to). The Who latched on to something more visceral and essential about what makes rock music both catchy and interesting.

It's finally raining again, though that puts a bit of a damper on my motorcycle riding. (Even when I do venture out, I will be riding slowly.) But on the way down 280 this morning, I saw clouds I've never seen before.

I had 1.5 beers to send off our director, with whom, for a few reasons, I never really had a productive working relationship (some combination of "I was hired on the condition that he not have to deal with me" and "we disagreed on almost everything"). It's stupid of me to drink at all these days, at least while single: the emotional ride is manageable, but not at all worth it.