There was a little incident on Thursday morning where I fell off my motorcycle at some ludicrously low speed. I'd nearly finished coming to a stop on exiting the rotary near the house, and apparently I pushed the brakes that extra little bit and locked up the front wheel, which promptly slid off to the left, dropping me in an unceremonious heap on the ground. For my part it mostly damaged my pride, plus a bit of a charley-horse from falling on my wallet (almost identical to an aikido injury a few months back, so no worries there). It happened very fast; the cold tires probably contributed.

On the other hand, now I have problems to solve and definite stuff to fix. *grin* I did some reading and thought about where I might get the marine epoxy putty to fix everything, when I remembered that we have TAP Plastics out here, an amazing sort of plastics superstore. I went there a month or so ago to get some static-cling tinting film for my helmet--the field of vision in a motorcycle helmet is way more than we need, and leaves a big space at the top where the sun is often too bright and piercing for too much of the day. The tinted film serves the same purpose as tinting the top of a windshield, or wearing a baseball hat, only letting 17% of the light through.

TAP's folks often have a clue where the rest of us don't, but the non-specialists there are often guessing as much as we are, and can only offer general suggestions. I'd already determined the repairs needed to be done in stages, so the various pieces would hold together better. I did the first bit tonight, and it went pretty well overall. I want to hit it with touch-up paint, which may or may not be an improvement. Tomorrow I want to finish the repairs so I can get the fairing back on and go riding. Or I could go to the archery shoot in the morning. Either way, I'm going to see antique porn movies with friends tomorrow night. But I miss riding, and while I rode in on Thursday after I fell, I want to get back out and make sure me (psychologically) and the bike (physically) are both good to go.

My work life is scheduled to change on Tuesday, though I'll be keeping my boss. We'll see if there's any more impact than that.

The weather is teasing me with the promise of rain, and never following through.