I hate dating.

Seriously. It's not like my head's not full enough without having breakup crap joining the chorus of noise. I wasn't joking in 2005 when I said one of the things that makes marriage look good is the prospect that I wouldn't break up with anybody again. Or I'd have a 50% shot, anyway, which aren't bad odds, and I can make them better by choosing carefully. *grin*

I'm on another round of buying motorcycle gear. "Another"? It doesn't really seem to end, does it? But it will. It's just that the weather changed right as I started riding. It gets quite chilly now, and my sport-riding jacket isn't windproof or waterproof, and doesn't have any room for layering clothes underneath. So I have a couple more items to pick up, and then I'm indefinitely done.

All that by way of noticing this evening as I rode home that it was very dark, and the early dark gently brought up some nagging memories. Smells are so much more powerful; something so environmental as early darkness took a little time to come around to.

And finally, on this election night when America finally seems to have woken up a bit, I bring you...the Awesomest Headline Ever. Read it. I'll wait.