behold, I am greasy.

I brought my bike down to one of the SBR guys this afternoon, and we replaced my chain and sprockets. Strangely, it doesn't actually require any specialized tools: a Dremel, a bunch of different sockets, and a pipe to use as a cheater bar on stuck bolts. It's fun to hang out with another problem-solver and come up with creative ways to get the job done with the basic tools. And the maintenance is all set, we didn't have any leftover parts, and the bike runs fine.

Also, I am very sore.

I got motorcycle boots, finally! They're a little blingy in that they have a fair amount of shiny plastic, but they're comfortable, have better-than-average rigidity, and best of all, now my ankles will not abrade away in a crash. And they were on sale, so I am quite pleased overall.

One of the interesting effects of the Ayurvedic thing is to notice direct correlations between my emotional state and what I eat. Finally this week I can identify a clear effect of alcohol: after the buzz and euphoria, when my body really starts metabolizing, comes a stretch of emotional instability. The severity varies with how much I drank and what else is going on, but there it is, which pretty much recommends that I not drink at all for the immediate future. Beats me how anyone gets addicted to the stuff: it makes me feel like crap. Though that wasn't always the case, and I suppose if your head is turned around enough, feeling merely crappy could be an improvement.